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Attract the attention of your ideal customers, pull them through to your website and entice them to take desired actions with effective content marketing.

Educate engage and enrich

Educate, engage and enrich

Content marketing should be targeted to the needs and interests of your ideal customers, and provide them with value - instead of pushing sales messages out to a mass audience. Effective content marketing can help you to:

  • Attract, engage, educate and inspire potential customers

  • Build your brand awareness

  • Strengthen your brand and position you above competitors

  • Improve your search engine rankings

  • Generate leads for your business

By identifying and collaborating with your company’s subject matter experts, we can craft content that truly connects and resonates with your audience.

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Creating impactful content

Your content should be tailored for your ideal customer at each stage of the buyer journey - from awareness through to consideration and decision. We create a wide range of content for our clients, including:

  • Blog posts

  • Case studies and customer stories

  • Campaign landing pages

  • High value content, such as ebooks or guides

  • Social media posts, stories and reels

  • Emails

  • Press releases and features

  • Videos and photos

  • Infographics

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Reaching your target customers

Once your content is created, effective distribution is key for reaching and attracting your ideal customers. Distribution channels can be split into three categories - owned, earned and paid - and we manage this for many of our clients. Channels include:

  • Social media

  • Digital advertising

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Media publications

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Why Mission10?

We have a team of strategic, detail-oriented and passionate content creators that deliver fantastic results for our clients. We have:

  • Vast experience in both B2B and B2C content marketing across a variety of sectors

  • A friendly, approachable nature that enables us to easily build relationships with in-house team members

  • A creative and proactive approach to new platforms and content trends

  • A full understanding of the role content marketing plays in the overall digital marketing strategy, and the results that can be achieved

“The Mission10 team has been creating marketing content for Add Energy for over 5 years, and the quality is always extremely high.

"They embrace technical topics with confidence, work really well with our internal team, and the content truly showcases our team’s expertise and experience within the energy sector. In particular, they managed the creation of our now annual Maintenance Manager survey and report, which has generated a significant number of leads for the business.”

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Peter Adam
AIM Group Manager Director at Add Energy

Frequently asked questions about content marketing

We have seen content marketing work for a variety of businesses - both B2B and B2C companies, with long and short sales processes, across a variety of sectors. While some companies may benefit more from longer-form content, that educates potential customers and pulls them along the sales journey, other companies will benefit from more inspirational or entertaining content that engages with people before they make a purchase.

We would work with you to understand which content marketing approach will deliver the desired results for your team, and help you to create content that will resonate with your ideal customers.

We work with many technical companies, and have produced highly technical content throughout our careers. We work closely with subject matter experts within our clients’ companies, conducting short, concise interviews to gain a full understanding of the topic at hand and gather the specific insights we need, before developing the piece of content. This is then complemented by our own research.

Our results show that technical content written by our team has successfully captured the interests of target customers, and resulted in leads generated for the business.

Many of our customers either struggle to find the time to write case studies, or have a low response rate from customers. We can help by managing the full process - from contacting them on your behalf, interviewing them or sending them questions to answer, writing the case study, and liaising with them to gain approval.

We find that customers are comfortable speaking to an external company, and we have a highly organised approach to managing the creation of case studies.

We always review your data when developing a content marketing strategy, so we can assess what has been done previously and the associated results. This gives us a foundation to build from.

By following our step-by-step process, where we fully understand your target customers, for example their challenges or frustrations, their triggers for requiring your product or service, or the opportunities they have, we are confident we can create content that will really resonate with them, engage them, and attract them to your website.

We have a testing mindset, where we are always reviewing results and pivoting when required. Our goal is to find the type of content, topics or distribution channels that work best for your specific business, and focus our efforts there to deliver the best results.

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